Well well well... I hafta go to richmond sunday through tuesday next week. It's only one weekend. It (hopefully) will not kill me. I'm trying the whole "wishful thinking" thing, but it's not going so well...school was okay, but @ like 3:00 they made us evacuate, and they didn't tell us why, but they searched the place. I don't think it was a bomb threat cuz we stood kinda close to the school.. like in the bus loops. Usually (i've heard) they go to the football field for bomb threats. It was a lil wierd, cuz no one knew what was going on. Oh well.. life goes on... ...you must be strong... ha ha leeann rhimes is a sell-out... country to pop, oh well, shes still a pretty good singer... Gotsta go attempt evil mae-up work! Oh yea, and cause of the evacuation, we wont haveour math test tomarrow!! they wouldn't let us go to our lockers or anything, so we're pretty much screwed with assignments! that can definitly be for our advantage!


im goin to bed now cz i got the stupid school tomarow
bowlin was fun.. kinda... i pissed heath off cuz i said me n eric are gonna get married.. it's a BIG inside joke between us, but i guess i should remember not to mention that kinda stuff in front of his g/f... I believe that everyone acts bitchy sometimes, and you shouldn't hold that against people... but when tried to explain that to someone, she totally overreacted and acted like i was callin her a bitch... People are wierd sometimes... Im soo scared bout my future... Another thing I dont understand is eating disorders... Why would people go to the point of starvation to please others... and why do people make themselves puke to please others???? our society sucks... to bad we cant change it. I also dont see why people kill themselves and get depressed and shit. well, i can see the depression part.. and i have had some good damn reasons to be depressed, but I would never kill myself over it... For every 1 person who hates me, at least 2 others love me... i think... it seems.. Well, thats just wha I think... I might be completely wrong. I wish people didn't judge other people, and that people didnt make other people feel bad. people really do suck sometimes... I guess it's just our sinfullness and human nature or whatever. I'm glad god's on my side.

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remember: Jesus, God, and I love you, so don't do anything completel stupid


Hey to who eva's readin this... My names Mollie, i'm 14, and a freshlady on tha HILL!! I am now an orphan and nothing in my life is fun. If i didn't have friends and God, I would have killed myself years ago. I now am faced w/ the hardest descision I will probably ever make. Where am I going to live???? I might be able to stay here, but only for the rest of this school year. I can move to richmond 2nd semester. But i'm never moving to richmond, so that is NOT an option. I can go live in chicago, which is a good option b/c i can come home n visit more than i would if i was in virginia. I have nver lived anywhere exept here, and I am soo scared about facing something new. People say they're sorry, and some of them really truely are. Alot of them are actually, but then there are those who say they're sorry, cause it makes them feel better and thats what they're supposed to do, but really they could care less. It was my dads 8 week aniversary, and my moms 8 day aniversary yesterday. Yesterday was crappy day. All I wanted to do was talk to someone, but the people I wanted to talk to never called, exept one person. PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO READ MY MIND!!!!!!! i gotta go take a shower now so i can call jon's party, fake sick, and prepare to go bowling!!!